Audit and Assurance Services

In both challenging and favorable economic conditions, organizations strive to be smart, creative and forward thinking.

It has never been more vital to be able to have confidence in audit. The quality of an audit is of fundamental importance for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of the financial information.

BER‘s Audit & Assurance Services team will assist clients address   business issues across the broad spectrum of accounting, governance, process improvement, data analysis and risk advisory disciplines.

Enhancing Your Credibility

BER will help organizations build value by taking a Risk management approach to manage financial, technology and business risk. Our approach will enable clients focus on areas of increase risk.  BER has sought continued excellence in this area- adopting new technologies, implementing methodologies and staying at the forefront of current developments, including regulatory changes and international standards.

BER   we have robust audit tools, resources and procedures to provide the means for our professionals to deliver high-quality audit services. In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.

Our international audit approach is applied consistently while providing the flexibility to serve in unique circumstances and complexities of our clients.

Value Added Service

With a focus that is specific to each business and industry, audit procedures are tailored to the particular operations and reporting requirements of the client.

As such, our audits is not simply performed to comply with statutory or regulatory requirements, it will also serve to assist our clients seeking additional capital, better terms from company’s bankers, looking for investors or wanting to improve their operations.

The Range Of Audit And Related Services

BER can provide the following services:

  • Audit and reviews of year –end and interim financial statements
  • Preparation and advice on reporting under national GAAP, US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards including the transition from national GAAP to IFRS
  • Internal audit reviews of accounting systems and practices
  • Special Audits for mutual funds, charities and other not-for profit entities
  • Sarbanes Oxley compliance work
  • Due Diligence work
  • Audits connected with mergers and acquisitions