Interal Audit Services

BER provides a global internal audit service to multi-national companies, which can be effective where common management and financial control systems are in place.

The existence of strong corporate governance within an organization provides assurance to stakeholders (both internal and external) that the organization is fulfilling its responsibilities to them.

Corporate Governance is built around strong leadership, competent stewardship, and promotion of of efficient, effective and ethical use of resources.

Internal Audit Resources

Internal audit is a fundamental component of corporate governance structures and processes and should be aligned with critical business procedures.

An effective internal audit program will be formulated via a comprehensive and systematic appraisal of all key risks.

Internal audit explores all facets of business activity from the traditional ‘policing ‘ role that concentrates on providing assurance on  operation  of key controls, to the role of  an independent advisor that will focus on efficiency and an effectiveness and in assessing management to foster process improvement and to facilitate change. Most importantly, internal audit monitors the:

  • Extent of compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and directions
  • Effectiveness of the design, implementation and operation of internal controls
  • The completeness, accuracy and reliability of financial and operating information and underlying records
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of business and service delivery processes and outcomes


Many companies prefer  ‘in-house’ internal audit resources, which will provide a valuable contribution to the organization. However, the use of external independent professionals to supplement existing resources, or to operate under an outsourced service delivery arrangement, can lead to a more efficient and cost effective internal audit function.

Our Internal Audit Service Can Include:

  • Overall risk assessment
  • Reviewing and reporting on:
–  The general control environment
–  Specific financial and operational procedures
–  Computer security and audit
  • Advise on the drafting and implementation of effective policies and procedures
  • Review the company’s own internal audit function
  • Acting as the internal audit function – in whole or part